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Artist Series

Artist Series

Pick Up System

The brand new Alvarez SYS650, designed by B-BAND. We chose to work with B-BAND simply because we thought their reproduction of acoustic sound was awesome. The 650 uses B-BAND’s patented electret film technology instead of Piezo materials. A Piezo pickup tends to import a sound of their own into the electrified tone, which is often described as synthetic – You don’t get this with the B-BAND technology which works similar to that of a condenser microphone, allowing for excellent reproduction of the instruments true voice. The SYS650 is a dual pick-up system incorporating one under saddle pick up and a transducer pick up placed under the soundboard. Either pick up can be selected or you can blend between the two to find subtle changes in response for lead, picking or rhythm work. The system also has a fully chromatic, precision tuner with backlit LCD screen; 3-bands of rotary EQ and a great notch control that identifies and deals with any feedback extremely well. The SYS650 is available on all Alvarez Artist* and Masterworks electric acoustic guitars.

For AD30CE or AF30CE models the Alvarez SYS250, designed by B-BAND is used. We’re really happy to feature this great EQ and pick up in our The SYS250 delivers superb performance and acoustic reproduction as well as a fully chromatic, precision tuner with backlit LCD screen and a 4-band EQ.

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