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G&L Tribute instruments are the eminently affordable range of G&L but they are still a step above the usual quality of instruments made overseas. George's number one requirement of these instruments is that they are Guitars that Leo would be proud of. To this end only pickups made in G&L's Fullerton California facility are used. These are the self same pickups as the ones used on USA custom shop G&Ls. The resulting sound sets the Tribute range apart from other similar priced, and for that matter, many more expensive instruments.

The hardware is manufactured to the highest standard, no corners are cut, and you can really hear and feel the difference in quality, output and tone when compared to similarly priced instruments.

All the exclusive features Leo and George gave to G&L are here on the Tributes too, the Magnetic Field Design Pickups, The Dual Fulcrum Vibrato, Saddle Lock Bridge, Non Compressing Truss Rod and numerous Components of the unique Bass Tone Circuitry.

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