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Carl Martin

Carl Martin

ESR was founded in 1990 as a professional PA sound rental company. Shortly after we began producing custom made audio equipment.

Our goal was from the very beginning to develop and produce products for the demanding professional musician, with a superior sound quality and features not seen on any other guitar effect pedal. As a result of that our first guitar effect pedal, The Hot Drive'n Boost, was introduced in 1993.

Due to our extensive knowledge of the professional music industry, and our contacts with a wide range of demanding musicians, we have been able to maintain a high quality of products and now have a range of 28 high quality guitar effect pedals, with more to come in the future.

In 2005 we released our first point point handmade tube amplifier the Custom Shop 50, the line now includes heads,- caps as well as a bass system.

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Carl Martin 2 Wah
Have you ever wanted two distinctly different vintage ‘wah’ sounds at your feet?  ..
Ex Tax: £108.33
Carl Martin 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp
Carl Martin 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp has been specially developed for musicians who play ACOUSTI..
Ex Tax: £183.33
Carl Martin AC-Tone
AC-Tone is the next overdrive in the British voiced vein, as the PlexiTone it is a three in one p..
Ex Tax: £183.33
Carl Martin Bass Chorus
The Bass Chorus is the first in Carl Martin's new line of bass effects.  Although similar in..
Ex Tax: £191.66
Carl Martin Big John Power Supply
Have you ever thought whether pedals that can be powered by 9v batteries were designed to sound th..
Ex Tax: £99.99
Carl Martin Boost Kick
The Carl Martin Boost Kick is a 9V-battery-powered pedal designed to provide up to 12dB of boost ..
Ex Tax: £91.66
Carl Martin Buff Deluxe
Multiple effects, True-Bypass Switching and large stages (with long cable runs) are some of your t..
Ex Tax: £91.66
Carl Martin Chorus XII
Carl Martin Chorus xII is a dual stereo chorus foot pedal. Designed by Canadian electronics wizar..
Ex Tax: £158.33
Carl Martin Classic Chorus
The Classic Chorus by Carl Martin, is not just another chorus pedal.  Yes it can be powered ..
Ex Tax: £74.99
Carl Martin Combinator 2
The Carl Martin Combinator 2 was designed and developed in response to many requests from guitar ..
Ex Tax: £333.33
Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter
Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter has been specially developed to incorporate the same features and ..
Ex Tax: £158.33
Carl Martin Contour & Boost
Carl Martin Contour & Boost is especially designed to boost up, and change the sound (contour..
Ex Tax: £149.99
Carl Martin Crush Zone
A vintage style, high-gain/distortion pedal using the same high quality components as its' Carl M..
Ex Tax: £54.16
Carl Martin DC Drive
What Vintage series would be complete without an ultra-versatile and simple to use drive pedal? &..
Ex Tax: £74.99
Carl Martin DeLayla
The Carl Martin DeLayla was designed and developed with one goal in mind: To create a superior an..
Ex Tax: £208.33
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amazing quality guitar with beautiful even tone, i have played a Taylor in the same price range and have to admit i went back to the Crafter WF Rose with beauti.. ...»
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